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Short info for students

Information for new students, who plan to attend our Danish classes.

Contact us

Norddjurs Kommunes Sprogundervisning

Erhvervsparken, Kattegatvej 3

8500 Grenaa

Phone: 20 12 26 87


Locate the school

Please click on the Google Map to find directions to the school.


If you get sick, you must contact the school in the morning between 07.00 and 08.00

Our phone number is 20 12 26 87.


Your caseworker at the local Job Centre will refer you to Danish classes at our school. If you are not in contact with the local Job Centre, it is also possible to contact the school and hear more about your possibilities for learning Danish.

A visitation meeting with a teacher from the school is required and held prior to your attendance.

After the meeting, we will place you in the Danish class that fits your language level.


If you are an EU citizen and/or referred to Danish language class post 1/7-2020, you need to pay a deposit of 2000 DKK before attending. Please notice that this does not apply if you are in Denmark as an Au Pair or have been family reunified with a Danish citizen.

It is possible to get the full deposit refunded once you finish the Danish language education by applying to the school by e-mail.

The deposit has to be paid before attending and should be transferred to our local bank account in Djurslands Bank:

- 7320 - 1586457.

Please note that your right to a deposit refund is dismissed if you decide to stop within a modul, or if you do not pass your modul test or final exam within the set period.


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